The Secrets of Prophecy seminar has ended.
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What if it were possible to predict the future of our world? What if past events – both ancient and modern - had been foretold with remarkable accuracy?

Presenter, Ashley Smith, has been studying these very questions for years.

“I was pretty amazed to discover that many of the major developments in the history of our world were actually detailed in the Bible, hundreds and sometimes thousands of years before they actually occurred”, he says. “Given the time, distance and circumstances, it would have been absolutely impossible for a person to have made those predictions – there has to be more to it”, he says.

We are living in a time where violence abounds, where the threat of economic ruin looms and the environment is damaged possibly beyond repair. It’s natural to wonder why there is so much suffering and where we are headed as a global community. Fortunately there is information available about our future that is both compelling and reassuring.

“If you know where you’re headed, it gives you so much confidence”, Ashley says. “You find great relevance and purpose for your life, you find direction and you can prepare yourself for the future. This is practical and relational information that we all need to know”, he says.

Could all this really be contained in the pages of one book? After extensive research, Ashley – along with many scholars and historians – is totally convinced.

“This evidence is rock solid. The facts speak for themselves. However unfortunately this is not widely known because there are whole chapters of the Bible that some religious institutions don’t even open up, and what these chapters contain is life changing”, he says. “Out of the millions of books ever printed, I believe that the Bible is the only one that transcends periods of time and different cultures. All people can find relevance in the Bible”, he says.


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