Sabbath School is our small group study time before the main Church Worship Service. All groups start at 9.30am;  the adults combine in the Main Sanctuary for some preliminaries and then break up into respective small groups (see below). We understand that people are on different journeys with God and we want to try our best to meet you where you are at. 


Please feel free to join the group that you're most comfortable with or that best suits your needs.. just ask any of our friendly ushers and greeters on where the Sabbath School classes are! (click on each for more info. Refer to the map below for locations of each Sabbath School)

Sabbath School Classes
Adults     Children
Welcome Group ...meets in front of audio desk
Young Adults (usually ages 18-35)... meets in the area in between the church hall / kitchen. 

Adults ... 2 groups, one to the right of the stage and one in the rear on the left

Golden Class ... meets at the back of the church on the right

or ...

[truth] Link ... meets in the church at the stage on the left. The Advent message for new Christians

Donunt Break  ... meets on the veranda outside the kitchen. Assorted bible studies

Books of the Bible ... meets on the veranda outside the hall

Beginners (ages 0-3)... meets in the beginners room on the right of the breezeway.

Kindergarten (ages 4-6)... meets in the kindy room on the right of breezeway.  

Primary (ages 7-9)... meets in the room on the left side of the stage.

Juniors (ages 10-12)... meets in Junior building next to the caretaker's residence. 

Teens (ages 13-14)... meets in the room on the right side of the stage. 

Youth (ages 15-18)... meets in the church hall.







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