Here at Kingscliff our Primary Sabbath School ages range from approx 7-9yrs.  We meet behind the front of church off to the left in a room that is artistically coloured with backdrops to suit our theme for the moment.  We are currently learning about Mission and Serving Others both here at home and overseas. 

Each week the main topic is covered by reading interesting mission stories, watching a brief DVD of mission areas around the world, doing fun activities and a quiz. The previous two themes included:

1. The Auto B Good series teaching children about Obedience, Generosity, Patience, Kindness, Honesty and self control. 

2. Super Heroes of the Bible like Moses, Joseph, Esther and David to name a few and we looked at their positive character traits.
Sabbath School begins at 10am and for 1 hour we have fun singing songs, praying, learning about our theme, studying our sabbath school lesson of the bible and making really fun crafts.
Just recently we looked at Noah's ark and one of our teachers bought in his own animals in the ark... well a few anyway, for the children to see. 
Come and have some fun with us in Primary!

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