Kingscliff Weekly Sermons

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2017-10-21 REALigion Part 5: More Then Lip Service Joel Slade Play
2017-10-14 A Special Name Karl Taffe Play
2017-10-07 REALigion Part 4: Faith That David Asscherick Play
2017-09-30 REALigion Part 3: The Rich Poor and the Liberated Lawful David Asscherick Play
2017-09-23 REALigion Part 2: Its Time To Get REAL Joel Slade Play
2017-09-16 REALigion Part 1: The Complete Package Joel Slade Play
2017-09-09 Lest We Forget Karl Steadman Play
2017-09-02 Say So Sabbath: David North Challenge Play
2017-08-26 In The Felly Of A Bish Part 7: God Has A Really Big Nose David Asscherick Play
2017-08-19 Framework: The Big Picture Joel Slade Play
2017-08-12 5 Things that every Christian ought to Know Joel Slade Play
2017-08-05 David North Challenge David Asscherick Play
2017-07-29 Damn You Death David Asscherick Play
2017-07-22 The New Birth Joel Slade Play
2017-07-15 Today Levi Johnson Play
2017-07-08 Hannah McDonald & Tim Wilson Play
2017-07-01 Agnus Marshall & Helen Eager - Say so Sabbath Play
2017-06-24 In The Felly Of A Bish Part 6: Scene 5, YHWH, The Great and Gracious Elohim David Asscherick Play
2017-06-17 In The Felly Of A Bish Part 5: Scene 4, Like Father. Like Son David Asscherick Play
2017-06-10 In The Felly Of A Bish Part 4: Scene 3, Beyond Death's Door... And Back! David Asscherick Play
2017-06-03 In The Felly Of A Bish Part 3: Scene 2, The Mysterious Man David Asscherick Play
2017-05-27 In The Felly Of A Bish Part 2: Scene 1, Nineveh or Tarshish? Up or Down? David Asscherick Play
2017-05-20 In The Felly Of A Bish Part 1: An Introduction To The Book Of Jonah David Asscherick Play
2017-04-29 Echoes Of Eve David Asscherick Play
2017-04-08 Say So Sabbath: Rising Waters Play
2017-03-18 Moses Isn't Special Boris Jovinov Play
2017-03-11 Never Give Up Boris Jovinov Play
2017-03-04 God Doesn't Waste a Thing Boris Jovinov Play
2017-02-25 The Blessing Of Forgiveness Joel Slade Play
2017-02-18 Incomparable Matthew 28 Part 2: The Leaving and the Believing David Asscherick Play
2017-02-11 Why We Worship Ty Gibson Play
2017-02-06 Incomparable Matthew 28 Part 1: He Is Not Here David Asscherick Play
2017-01-28 There Is A Way Joel Slade Play
2017-01-21 On The Bell's Of The Horses David Haupt Play
2017-01-14 Incomparable Matthew 27 Part 3: The God - Forsaken God David Asscherick Play
2017-01-07 Incomparable Matthew 27 Part 2: The Guilty King David Asscherick Play
2016-12-31 Incomparable Matthew 27 Part 1: His Blood Be On Us David Asscherick Play
2016-12-24 Incomparable Matthew 26 Part 2: Swords and Lords David Asscherick Play
2016-12-17 Incomparable Matthew 26 Part 1: Contrast, Contrast, Contrast David Asscherick Play
2016-12-10 Incomparable Matthew 25: Give Me Oil In My Lamp Jared Smith Play
2016-12-03 Incomparable Matthew 24: These and Those David Asscherick Play
2016-11-26 Faith Of Doss David Asscherick Play
2016-11-19 Incomparable Matthew 23: Fools and Blind David Asscherick Play
2016-11-12 Incomparable Matthew 22: The Fourth Question David Asscherick Play
2016-11-05 Incomparable Matthew 21: That Fruity Difference David Asscherick Play
2016-10-29 Incomparable Matthew 20: True Service Jared Smith Play
2016-10-22 Incomparable Matthew 19: The Kingdom of God & Human Relations Part 2 David Haupt Play
2016-10-15 Incomparable Matthew 18: The Kingdom of God & Human Relations Part 1 David Haupt Play
2016-10-08 Incomparable Matthew 17: The transfiguration Jared Smith Play
2016-10-01 Incomparable: Matthew 16: The Foundation Of Truth David Haupt Play
2016-09-24 Incomparable Matthew 15: Barrier Breaking Faith Jared Smith Play
2016-09-17 Incomparable Matthew 14: The Power Of Jesus Jared Smith Play
2016-09-10 Ive Made it Justin Kim Play
2016-09-03 Incomparable: Matthew 13: What's On The Side Of Your Head? David Asscherick Play
2016-08-27 Incomparable Matthew 12: The Rest Of The Story David Asscherick Play
2016-08-20 Incomparable Matthew 11: When The Script Flips David Asscherick Play
2016-08-13 Incomparable Matthew 10: No Fear David Asscherick Play
2016-08-06 Incomparable Matthew 9: Mercy Came Running David Haipt Play
2016-07-30 Incomparable Matthew 8: Sermon In Overalls David Haupt Play
2016-07-23 Incomparable Matthew 7: Unaware Jared Smith Play
2016-07-09 Incomparable Mathew 6: No Worries Mate Jared Smith Play
2016-07-02 Incomparable Mathew 5: What the Kingdom is Really About Jared Smith Play
2016-06-26 Incomparable Mathew 4: Born to Die Born to Live David Asscherick Play
2016-06-18 Incomparable - Mathew 3: God With us and For us David Asscherick Play
2016-06-11 Incomparable - Mathew 2: The New Exodus David Asscherick Play
2016-06-04 Incomparable - Mathew 1: The Kingdom of Heaven is Not Like David Asscherick Play
2016-05-28 Bring It David Asscherick, Sam Bonello & Scott Penman Play
2016-05-21 A Dead Dog As I David Haupt Play
2016-05-14 Chains Unbroken Jared Smith Play
2016-05-07 Mums The Word James Rafferty Play
2016-04-30 Something Bigger Then Ourselves David Asscherick & Jared Smith Play
2016-04-23 Arise Testimonies Various Play
2016-04-16 New Geoffrey Plewright Play
2016-04-09 Say So Sabbath Jared Smith Play
2016-04-02 Blessings In Disguise Jared Smith Play
2016-03-26 The Darkest, Brightest Day In History Blair Lemke Play
2016-03-19 The Sand Eaters Jim Ayer Play
2016-03-12 53. Ablazing Grace: Where There's a will, He is the way David Asscherick Play
2016-03-05 52. Ablazing Grace: Ezra - Nehemiah: Such A Time As This Jared Smith Play
2016-02-27 51. Ablazing Grace: Navigating Evil Ty Gibson Play
2016-02-13 49. Ablazing Grace: Us and Them and Him David Asscherick Play
2016-02-06 48. Ablazing Grace: Ezekiel: God Is Still Strong Glen Hughes Play
2016-01-30 47. Ablazing Grace: Sow, Meet Reap David Asscherick Play
2016-01-23 46. Ablazing Grace: Firm in Faith Jared Smith Play
2016-01-16 Nicodemus: Undercover Lover Marty Benard Play
2016-01-09 Secret Of Contentment Blair Lemke Play
2016-01-02 The Purpose Of Life Daniel Christie Play
2015-12-19 45. Ablazing Grace: The Low Places David Asscherick Play
2015-12-12 44. Ablazing Grace: On A Collision Course With Captivity David Asscherick Play
2015-12-05 43. Ablazing Grace: Death By Defenestration David Asscherick Play
2015-11-28 42. Ablazing Grace: Rehoboam and Jeroboam David Asscherick Play
2015-11-21 41. Ablazing Grace: Solomon and Salem David Asscherick Play
2015-11-14 40. Ablazing Grace: What Might Have Happened Jared Smith Play
2015-11-08 39. Ablazing Grace: Steps to Grace Jared Smith Play
2015-10-31 38. Ablazing Grace: From Shepherd To King Jared Smith Play
2015-10-24 37. Ablazing Grace: The Call And The Giant Judy Fua Play
2015-10-17 36. Ablazing Grace: Saul and Samuel David Asscherick Play
2015-10-03 34. Ablazing Grace: The Judges And Jesus David Asscherick Play
2015-09-26 33. Ablazing Grace: Just a tent peg & a Hammer Jared Smith Play
2015-09-19 32. Ablazing Grace: Facing The Giants Part 2 Jared Smith Play
2015-09-12 31. Ablazing Grace: Jehovah, Joshua and Genocide David Asscherick Play
2015-09-05 30. Ablazing Grace: In The Wilderness Part 2 David Asscherick Play
2015-08-29 29. Ablazing Grace: In The Wilderness Part 1 David Asscherick Play
2015-08-22 28. Ablazing Grace: Facing The Giants Jared Smith Play
2015-08-15 27. Ablazing Grace: Sanctuary Part 3 David Asscherick Play
2015-08-08 26. Ablazing Grace: Sanctuary Part 2 David Asscherick Play
2015-08-01 25. Ablazing Grace: Sanctuary Part 1 David Asscherick Play
2015-07-25 24. Ablazing Grace: The Mountain Of Grace Jared Smith Play
2015-07-18 23. Ablazing Grace: Exodus 19 - 20 Daniel Christie Play
2015-07-11 22. Ablazing Grace: Exodus 16 - 18 Daniel Christie Play
2015-07-04 21. Ablazing Grace: The Red Sea Jared Smith Play
2015-06-27 20. Ablazing Grace: Communion Jared Smith Play
2015-06-20 19. Ablazing Grace: Pharaoh Justin Lawman Play
2015-06-13 18. Ablazing Grace: What is your hand holding? and what is your home hiding? David Asscherick Play
2015-06-06 17. Ablazing Grace: Joseph Part 2 Jared Smith Play
2015-05-30 16. Ablazing Grace: Joseph Part 1 Jared Smith Play
2015-05-23 15. Ablazing Grace: Jacob the Man who Became Israel Josh Newbegin Play
2015-05-16 14. Ablazing Grace: I Saw Esau David Asscherick Play
2015-05-09 13. Ablazing Grace: Faulty Families David Asscherick Play
2015-05-02 12. Ablazing Grace: The Marriage Of Isaac James Rafferty Play
2015-04-25 11. Ablazing Grace: The Sacrifice Of Isaac Nathan Renner Play
2015-04-18 10. Ablazing Grace: Sodom Paul Fua Play
2015-04-11 9. Ablazing Grace: Lot Sam Bonello Play
2015-04-04 8. Ablazing Grace: Hagar and Ishmael Jared Smith Play
2015-03-28 7. Ablazing Grace: The Covenant with Abraham David Asscherick Play
2015-03-21 6. Ablazing Grace: the Call of Abraham David Asscherick Play
2015-03-14 5. Ablazing Grace: From Noah to Babel Jeffrey Rosario Play
2015-03-07 4. Ablazing Grace: The Good News Jared Smith Play
2015-02-28 3. Ablazing Grace: The Fall Ty Gibson Play
2015-02-21 Ablazing Grace: Creation David Asscherick Play
2015-02-14 Ablazing Grace: Introduction David Asscherickk Play
2015-02-07 Devoted: Acts in Review David Asscherick, Jared Smith & Daniel Christie Play
2015-02-01 Devoted: Growth Groups Jared Smith Play
2015-01-24 Devoted: Acts 27 David Asscherick Play
2015-01-17 Devoted: Acts 26 Josh Newbegin Play
2015-01-11 Devoted: Acts 24/25 Daniel Christie Play
2015-01-04 Devoted: Acts 23 Jared Smith Play
2014-12-27 Devoted: Acts 22 David Asscherick Play
2014-12-13 Devoted: Acts 21 Jared Smith Play
2014-12-06 Devoted: Acts 20 David Asscherick Play
2014-11-29 Devoted: Acts 19 David Asscherick Play
2014-11-22 Devoted: Acts 18 Jared Smith Play
2014-11-15 Devoted: Acts 17 Daniel Christie Play
2014-11-08 Devoted: Acts 16 Jared Smith Play
2014-11-01 Devoted: Acts 15 Daniel Christie Play
2014-10-26 Devoted: Acts 14 David Asscherick Play
2014-10-18 Devoted: Acts 13 David Asscherick Play
2014-10-11 Devoted: Acts 12 David Asscherick Play
2014-09-27 Devoted: Acts 11 Jared Smith Play
2014-09-20 Devoted: Acts 10 Daniel Christie Play
2014-09-06 Devoted: ACTS 9 David Asscherick Play
2014-08-23 Devoted: Acts 8 Jared Smith Play
2014-08-16 Devoted: Acts 7 Daniel Christie Play
2014-08-09 Devoted: Acts 6 David Asscherick Play
2014-08-04 Devoted: Acts 5 David Asscherick Play
2014-07-26 Devoted: Acts 4 Daniel Christie Play
2014-07-19 Devoted: Acts 3 Jared Smith Play
2014-07-12 Devoted: Acts 2 Daniel Christie Play
2014-07-05 Devoted: Acts 1 Jared Smith Play
2014-06-28 the bigger picture: part 6. God In Communion David Asscherick Play
2014-06-21 The Bigger Picture: Part 5. God in Christ David Asscherick Play
2014-06-14 The Bigger Picture: Part 4. God In Covenant David Asscherick Play
2014-06-07 The Bigger Picture: Part 3. God In Conflict David Asscherick Play
2014-05-24 The Bigger Picture: Part 2. God Is Covenant David Asscherick Play
2014-05-17 The Bigger Picture: Part 1. God Is Love David Asscherick Play
2014-05-03 The Perfect Conflict James Rafferty Play
2014-04-26 You Can Walk on Water Too Nick Mohanu Play
2014-04-19 The Man Who Was No More Karl Taaffe Play
2014-04-12 1,000 Years Of Peace Ashley Smith Play
2014-04-05 Rebuilding The Temple Ashley Smith Play
2014-03-29 Who Are They? For That Matter - Who Are We? Kim Busl Play
2014-03-22 A Cross, An Ass's Head, & Alexamenos Dr. Allan Lindsay Play
2014-03-15 Scriptural Overview & Foundation David Asscherick Play
2014-03-08 Dealing With A Difficult Past David Haupt Play
2014-03-01 Jeffrey Rosario Jeffrey Rosario Play
2014-02-22 Undercover Peter Jared Smith Play
2014-02-15 Get Yourself A New Husband Ty Gibson Play
2014-02-08 Gods' Purpose For The Church Colin Hone Play
2014-02-01 Light The World Daniel Christie Play
2014-01-25 No Greater Love Jared Smith Play
2014-01-18 Seeking The Kingdom Daniel Christie Play
2014-01-11 Faith In Action Jared Smith Play
2014-01-04 It Must Be Voluntary Matt Parra Play
2013-12-28 One More Chance Karl Taaffe Play
2013-12-21 Jesus The Real Lance Hooper Play
2013-12-14 Christmas Program Play
2013-12-07 Journey To Something Better Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-12-01 Keep Changing Marcus Mundall Play
2013-11-23 Now What Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-11-22 God Can And Will Use Anyone Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-11-20 Relationships 101 Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-11-16 Together Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-11-15 What Would You Do If You Were The Devil? Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-11-13 Getting The Best Out Of Life Part 2 Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-11-09 Getting The Best Out Of Life Part 1 Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-11-09 The Ultimate Connection To God Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-11-06 The Unpardonable Sin (And How To Be Pardoned) Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-11-02 What Would You Do If You Were God? Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-11-01 The God Who Isn't Fair To Us (And Why I'm Glad) Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-10-30 The God Of Love... Who Burns You In Hell Forever? Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-10-26 Good News. - The World Is Ending Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-10-25 Eternal Life Begins Today Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-10-23 Legend, Lunatic, Liar or Lord Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-10-19 The Ancient God For The Modern Man Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-10-05 Phil Slade Play
2013-09-28 Rescue Mission Professor Tom Evans Play
2013-09-21 Risking Your Salvation Marcus Mundall Play
2013-09-14 How Low Can You Go Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-08-24 God Will Give You More Than You Can Handle Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-08-17 Choose God - Yes Or No? Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-08-10 The Church Triumphant Marcus Mundall Play
2013-08-03 The Laodicean Cure Marcus Mundall Play
2013-07-27 Christ's Current Counsel For Kingscliff Marcus Mundall Play
2013-07-20 Help Needed Marcus Mundall Play
2013-07-13 The Enemy Within Marcus Mundall Play
2013-07-06 Satan's Special Temptation Marcus Mundall Play
2013-06-29 The Power The Gift & The Action John Barron Play
2013-06-22 Faithful As He Is Faithful Ashley Smith Play
2013-06-08 We're All Called To Be Jason's Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-05-25 Internal,Incurable Wounds Marcus Mundall Play
2013-05-18 Predestined James Rafferty Play
2013-05-11 Testimony Virna Santos Play
2013-05-04 A Thousand Years Of Peace Peter Watts Play
2013-04-27 If You Want to Walk on Water Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-04-20 Labour Of Love Joe Tyler Play
2013-04-13 A Lingering Fragrance Ty Gibson Play
2013-04-06 Testimony Peter Watts Play
2013-03-23 The New Covenant David Asscherick Play
2013-03-16 The Family Of Heaven David Asscherick Play
2013-03-09 Present Crosses, Future Resurrections Ashley Smith Play
2013-03-02 The Great Conspiracy Jeffrey Rosario Play
2013-02-23 Why I Decided To Buy An IPhone & An IPad Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-02-16 Alive In Christ's Body Marcus Mundall Play
2013-02-09 Testimony Leon Platt Play
2013-02-02 In His Footsteps Part 2 Matthew Bottin Play
2013-02-02 In His Footsteps Part 1 Rhiannon Coutts Play
2013-01-26 Defending The Temple (Sabbath Afternoon) Eric Walsh Play
2013-01-26 Surviving Temptation (Sabbath Service) Eric Walsh Play
2013-01-25 Anchored In Time (Friday Night) Eric Walsh Play
2013-01-19 I Have Decided Yong Shin Chee Play
2013-01-12 Fear of God Joel Marshall Play
2013-01-05 Myth of the Elect Marcus Mundall Play
2012-12-29 I'll Always Be a Christian Yong shin Chee Play
2012-12-22 The Mystery of Godliness Marcus Mundall Play
2012-12-08 How Deep The Father's Love pt.2 Amber Daburger Play
2012-12-08 How Deep The Father's Love pt.1 Estelle Knight Play
2012-12-01 The Truth About Real Conversion and Grace Karl Taffe Play
2012-11-24 According to Your Faith Glen Hughes Play
2012-11-17 Remember Together Yong shin Chee Play
2012-11-10 Saving for Death or Spending for the Future Marcus Mundall Play
2012-11-03 A Safe Church Daron Pratt Play
2012-10-13 Health Ministry John Scharffenberg Play
2012-10-06 The Early Church Marcus Mundall Play
2012-09-29 Becoming Full Time Ministers Yong shin Chee Play
2012-09-22 Testimony Jordan Fischer Play
2012-09-15 The Gospel Alive and Well Karl Taffe Play
2012-09-08 Our Identify Justin Lawman Play
2012-09-01 TVAC Brent Whittaker Play
2012-08-25 Remember the Sabbath (Commandment #4) Marcus Mundall Play
2012-08-18 Know What You Want (Commandment #10) Yong shin Chee Play
2012-08-11 Real Christianity (Commandment #9) Yong shin Chee Play
2012-08-04 Its Not Yours (Commandment #8) Yong shin Chee Play
2012-07-28 Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery (Commandment #7) Marcus Mundall Play
2012-07-21 Thou Shalt Not Murder (Commandment #6) Marcus Mundall Play
2012-07-14 It Feels Good to be Home (Commandment #5) Yong shin Chee Play
2012-07-07 Help For Hypocrites (Commandment #3) Marcus Mundall Play
2012-06-16 The Commandment Before The Commandments (10 Commandments Introduction) Yong Shin Chee Play
2012-06-09 Why Not Tomorrow David Asscherick Play
2012-04-21 Be Fruitful and Multiply Marcus Mundall Play
2012-04-14 The Fullness of Joy Sam Bonello Play
2012-03-17 God Does Not Accept You As You Are Yong shin Chee Play
2012-03-10 Are You Ready? Yong shin Chee Play
2012-02-18 Sermon Justin Lawman Play
2012-02-11 The Pink Elephant Theory Yong shin Chee Play
2012-02-04 The Significance of 40 Marcus Mundall Play
2012-01-28 If You're Lame and Crippled, You Need to Move Yong shin Chee Play
2012-01-21 My Redeemer Lives Irene Chee Play
2012-01-14 Be Prepared for Battle Marcus Mundall Play
2012-01-07 The Greatest Battle of All Yong shin Chee Play

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