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 MARCH 19-20, 7pm AEDT & MARCH 21-22, 6:30pm AEDT



at The HACC Centre

Corner Minjungbal Drive and Heffron Street Tweed Heads South



 Nightly Program Topics:



Wednesday March 19

Why Are we Still So Sick? What the Health Industry Doesn't Want You to Know


Despite the amazing advances in modern medicine, so many people are still sick. There are more cases of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety and allergies - and the list goes on! Why is this happening?



Thursday March 20

The Secrets to Best Health: What I wasn't taught in Medical School


Just as there are physical laws that govern the natural world, there are laws and principles that influence our health and well-being. These health principles will change your life for the better!



Friday March 21

No, it's not all in Your Head


Almost one in two people experience mental health problems in their lifetime. Is there more that can be done to avoid or even treat these conditions? Find out why it isn’t all in your head and learn practical solutions to help you enjoy a better life!



Saturday March 22

More Than a Gut Feeling


It’s been said that “the road to health is paved with good intestines”! Discover just how much your well-being depends

on having a healthy digestive system.



Modern medicine continues to advance at a rapid rate. Medical research is regularly revealing fresh information about the human body and the diseases and infections that plague it, and new medications and vaccines are developed accordingly.

Why then are so many people still so terribly sick? Why are there more cases – not less – of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, allergies, depression, anxiety and other illnesses?

These are questions that Dr Russell Ing has pondered for quite some time.

“It didn’t take me long after becoming a General Practitioner 18-years ago, to become disillusioned with conventional medicine and what it offers”, he says. “I could see that many people just weren’t getting better despite being given the best medical treatments available.  As a result of several experiences in my personal and professional life, I had to look for answers beyond what I was taught in Medical School, and that’s when I discovered the powerful impact that lifestyle medicine has on our wellbeing”, he says.

Dr Ing believes that today’s busy lifestyle has contributed to the increase in sickness, as people tend to exercise less and eat unhealthier foods.

“Time is a challenge for most people and often the things that save us time are not the best for our bodies. The idea of changing lifestyle can just seem too hard. Plus we’re also looking for a quick fix; we live in a society where it’s all about instant results and we expect our health to respond the same way. However the reality is that if we’ve lived a certain way for many years, it may take time to undo that damage”.

So, is it possible to improve our health and wellbeing by altering our lifestyle?

“Absolutely! There are many simple and affordable changes that we can make to every day life that will have a profound impact on our energy, vitality and thinking”, Dr Ing says. “Without a doubt, the top diseases we are suffering as a society, are a result of our lifestyle and there are ways to both overcome and prevent them”, he says. 


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