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Nightly Program Topics:


Saturday night, March 8

(i)  How did life begin?  - Why the evolution of a living cell from non living chemicals (chemical evolution) is impossible!


(ii)  Darwin's Theory of Evolution now impossible!  - The complex DNA codes of living things cannot arise by chance mutations.


Sunday night, March 9

(i)  The fossil record  - Evidence of a catstrophic global flood - not evolution.


(ii)  Radiometric dating  - Erosion rates and DNA decay - evidence that life on earth is only thousands not millions of years old.


Could evolution really be responsible for life on earth? Absolutely not - according to research scientist and university professor, Dr John Ashton.

He has spent 40 years studying and exposing the lack of proven evidence for Charles Darwin’s theories. Dr Ashton’s findings – and those of other scientists also researching evolution – are startling.

They are adamant that the discovery of DNA back in 1953 dispels the theory of evolution as a mere myth.

“The DNA molecule is an amazing information storage system which encodes its own code reading system, without which DNA would be useless”, Dr Ashton says. “It is absolutely impossible for such a large and complex information storage library, and the large proteins of the code reading system, to form simultaneously by chance random chemical reactions”, he says.

Radiometric dating that has been widely used to support the idea of evolution is regularly being undermined by new scientific discoveries. The discovery of blood and soft tissue in dinosaur remains is one example - radiometric dating had listed these fossils as being 70 million years old! Lava that is actually only 50 years old registers as hundreds of millions of years old with radiometric dating!

So why is the scientific failure of the theory of evolution not being promoted to the general public? Dr Ashton believes it’s because scientists still do not have an alternative, viable scientific explanation for the origin of humans, plus animals and plants.

“All the scientific experiments to produce the evolution of a more complex living organism have failed. Many scientists still claim that evolution happened but I suspect that most of these people are out of touch with the latest high level research findings, or have an atheistic agenda, since the evidence overwhelmingly points to a super intelligent Creator”, he says.

Dr John Ashton is Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Victoria University, Melbourne, and Adjunct Professor of Applied Sciences at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University. He is a widely published author and has edited three books related to science and faith issues including ‘Evolution Impossible’ and ‘In Six Days: Why 50 Scientists Choose to Believe in Creation’.

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