We have four main Adult Sabbath School Classes. Starting in no particular order:


  • We have what we affectionately call the Golden Oldies class which meets in the far western side of the Sanctuary – this group comprises of the most experienced people of our church and they age from 60 years old and up, this group studies the lesson quarterly and they alter lesson leaders on a weekly basis. This lesson study group have the experience of many years of worshipping our Lord and it shows in the lesson study.

  • We have another lesson study group in the Sanctuary and that is placed on the far eastern side of the Sanctuary. This is an Adults group made up of men and woman around the 40 to 60 year old range. They study the Adult quarterly lesson study. This group alternate the leaders weekly also.

  • At the entrance to our church we have another Adult lesson study group called the Muffin Break which houses a vast different age group ranging from the early thirties and on. This group does not study the lesson but has an ever changing weekly focus; there are many twists and turns in this group discussion with all roads leading back to our Saviour Jesus Christ.

  • This next class started off as a Men’s group and has grown to accept women also.  This group generally does in depth study of a particular book of the Bible in order to gain a better understanding of our Lord and Saviour. The group meets at the verandah just outside the church hall.

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