We are a Christian congregation who meet together for our main Worship Service every Saturday (Sabbath) morning. However, there are plenty of other things that we do together as a church family and we'd love for you to join us and get involved! For upcoming events, check out the slideshow above. Also, check our Latest News.

Mid-week Prayer Meeting | Wednesdays 7:00-8:00pm

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From this week (Wednesday April 29 onwards) the weekly Prayer Meeting (now one of the Growth Groups) moves to a new time of 7:00 to 8:00pm every Wednesday, at church. Just as Jesus needed prayer, s...  More

House Wanted

472629 house

The Plewright family are looking for a home to rent, close to TVAC or the bus route, $400/week or less whilst Geoff is studying Ministry & Theology full time and not working. Move in date flexible,...  More

Let's Do Lunch (2015 Food Ministries Calendar)

469653 lets do lunch a3 calendar2015

Did you miss out on collecting a 2015 Food Ministries calendar? This document shows all the dates for church picnics and lunches this year, so you can plan ahead! You can download a digital copy he...  More

Church Bulletin

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Download the latest church bulletin:

May 23rd

May 23 2015

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Prayer Ministry

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